Monday, September 14, 2009

Last Week in Frontpages--"Daily Graphic" versus "Daily Guide"

As the week winds down to a close, we can only feel that the week has just flown by with tremendous celerity. Some of us might have been too busy buried in work; others might have just managed to catch bits of news here and there.

In order to respond to those who might have missed the frontpages (cocaine / paedophilia) that competed with the average crime thriller, I'm posting the frontpages of the two widely-read papers in the system--Daily Guide and Daily Graphic.

This post is also appearing on my new blog Ghana Media Watch Unlimited, which you can access here:

Click on the image to view the images of the papers.

Friday, September 11, 2009

Daily Guide's Inglorious Front Page

Ghana Daily Guide newspaper enraged many Ghanaians this week when they published excerpts of a video of an alleged paedophile, living in Tema, engaged in explicit sexual acts. That they published it on their front page was sufficient to cause necessary ire by all and sundry on the continually-egregious standards that some of

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