Monday, April 12, 2010

Nice-Looking websites for GRAPHIC MIRROR; SPECTATOR, Shame About the Uploads!

The highlights of my Saturday reading include the very informative "GRAPHIC MIRROR"; and the Times Corporations' even-better "WEEKEND SPECTATOR". I have always had a problem with "weekend spectator", which I think is a misnomer, because it suggests that there is a paper out there--called "The Spectator"--which comes out regularly? Perhaps, if they changed it to "Weekly Spectator", that might be more appropriate?

But, that's just by-the-bye!

Point is: missing these two instrumental papers was going to screw up my Saturday reading--and screw it did. Having the relatively good METRO TV news and the just-okay TV3 was fine, but nothing beats a good reading on a wide range of subjects.

So, it's a bit strange that with all the electronic resources (beautifully-crafted website), which I suspect uses JOOMLA (open source technology), we cannot get regular updates of the papers online!

A few weeks ago, I noticed that the "Spectator" paper was now available at SPECTATOR.NEWTIMES.COM.GH -- news I gave a silent punch in the air to.

Sadly, it has not lived up to expectation.

Instead of catching up on the weekend's news I missed over the weekend, I was subjected to a hodge podge of articles--some dating two weeks ago; some a few weeks; some even two months old! All useful information alright, but not quite the weekend reading of Saturday I was hoping to enjoy!

The less said about "Graphic Mirror", the better!

It was no better!

There are many unemployed youth -- graduate and otherwise -- looking to be employed.

If these two media outlets are unable to have their weekend material uploaded ahead of time, since Saturday is certainly not the day they gather the material!!, then they should perhaps start putting out vacancies?

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